Okna's New Patio Door cutting edge again

In my career in the business we have put in over 42 different brands of sliding patio doors.  Some just bare bones basic vinyl, quad pane "pinnacle of energy efficiency" fiberglass sliding patio doors, and high end multiple panel (almost a moving glass wall) aluminum clad wood doors that cost more than some peoples cars.  I say this to point out the Okna patio door to date (the Elegante) is the top end of energy efficiency for an incredible value in a vinyl door.  Standard dual pane uValue of .26, deluxe triple pane package with a uValue of .19, and with new glass product testing showing they can get down to a .16 uValue (not out yet but tested).  Oh, did I forget to mention this door has a air infiltration rating of .06 CFM/Ft2?  That is more airtight than some window company's casement windows and would put a smile on any BPI energy auditor or Passive House Architect's face.

So with so many advantages thermally and aesthetically why mess with a good thing?  Well a big reason I enjoy working with Okna is that they take the same mentality that we like to: never settle with the best, keep striving for better.  Well better is what they did.  Introducing the Okna 8200 Forester Patio Door.  This door has the same door frame as the fantastic Elegante series, but now this door has a fully welded frame and sash but was developed for that real wood interior butt jointed sash look.  Aesthetically amazing for a uPvc patio door to be this efficient, have the wood look style and but without the chance of rot of a classic wood door.  Combine the butt joint with a Melrose Cherry laminate or even the stainable interior and it is uncanny.  Real great timing for Okna also since they recently released their Matte Bronze hardware in their window AND door line to combine the two looks for a winner.

Okna Forester Door
Okna Forester Closeup

Congratulations to Okna on this amazing new product and we look forward to combining our certified energy efficient installation techniques with this door to create some amazing looks in some Illinois homes.

Feel free to contact us to be one of the first in the area to have this amazing product in your home.

I always welcome any questions about products (this door or any other product) or high efficiency installation in general.  It doesn't matter if you are in our region or not as a correct installation to create a tight airtight thermal envelope is our passion.  Email me at doug@level5exteriors for tips, techniques, or suggestions for the best thermal guidelines for window/door installations.



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